A very flexible Max Wilde bottoms for Alex Mecum in “Masterclass” part one

Director Marc Macnamara has paired up Alex Mecum and Max Wilde for the first scene from the brand new Men.com mini-series “Masterclass“. This series has been produced in a way that gives the final edit a ‘behind the scenes’ feel. As a result, both director Marc and his ‘assistance’ Diego Sans appear in the video.

Between takes of the clipperboard, Alex and Max mainly focus on each other and create fireworks. Max shows off his flexibility as he sucks Alex’s cock in some sort of flick flack position. In the next take, Alex has Max on all fours and alternates from rimming his ass to sucking his cock.

Once Max’s hole is all wet and lubed up, Alex shoves his hard dick inside and starts to pound away. He gives Max’s ass a good workout, followed by an oral intermezzo. Alex holds Max upside down as the two swap blowjobs in a standing 69 position.

In the second roud, Alex fucks Max in missionary position. They both work up a sweat as Alex slams his big cock deep into Max’s eager hole. As soon as Alex pulls out, cock sucker Max again puts his lips around Alex’s dick. He strokes and sucks a big load out of his dick and as a reward gets a face full of cum.

At the time of writing, this scene has received a 87% score and it boggles my mind why this scene didn’t get at least a 90% score. I can’t wait for the second “Masterclass” scene, which will go live on the 8th of February. In the sequel, Jake Porter takes Damien Stone’s dick. See the hardcore trailer.

Watch Max Wilde and Alex Mecum fuck in “Masterclass” part one

Watch Alex Mecum fuck Max Wilde in the full-length video