Johnny Hill rims and fucks Archer Hart’s ass in “Breakin in the Mattress”

The latest release from Next Door Studios is called “Breakin in the Mattress“. It’s a hot bareback video starring Johnny Hill and Archer Hart. As they throw the mattress down on top of the frame, Johnny congratulates Archer for a move in successfully completed. With nothing else to move in, Johnny makes the remark that it’s time to break in the mattress, and Archer begins to play it off.

Johnny is serious though, and tells Archer he needs to find some way to repay him for his help. Archer soon realizes Johnny means business, and as he hovers over Archer on the bed, Johnny begins to eyeball Archer’s tight pants. He rips them off Archer and immediately sets in to tonguing Archer’s hole, alternating between fingering him and tongue fucking him, and quickly shoving his rock hard cock deep inside Archer.

Archer’s mild protests now long gone, he lay back and enjoys it as Johnny applies his long dick technique, fucking Archer all over his new mattress in Archer’s new room. They fuck each other all over the room, as Archer tells Johnny to fuck him harder. Johnny does as instructed until he can no longer hold his nut, pulling out and blasting Archer with his load, then fingering Archer until he nuts himself, the first of hopefully many orgasms to come in Archer’s new place.

Watch Johnny Hill fuck Archer Hart in “Breakin in the Mattress”


Watch Johnny Hill fuck Archer Hart in “Breakin in the Mattress”


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