Diego Sans and Damien Stone fuck Allen Lucas and Max Wilde in “Save Me”

Muscular lifeguards Diego Sans and Damien Stone come over to save the day in “Save Me” from the Men.com Network. Max Wilde finds himself in need of care after getting stung by a jellyfish. His boyfriend Allen Lucas goes off looking for help. He ends up finding some sexy lifeguards who help the two boyfriends back to their hotel room.

It turns out that the horny lifeguards are in need of some care themselves. They are horny and ready get in on and now that Max is feeling much better, he and Allen are happy to give their cocks some much needed attention. As soon as Diego and Damien pull out their cocks, the boys go to work. They suck those dicks good, before they get their asses rimmed.

Within no time, Allen and Max are being filled up with cock in various position. The lifeguards share and swap their bottoms, as they continue to slam their dicks into their holes. Big cum shots fly through the air and everyone who needed some care – in one way or the other – seems to have taken care of.

Watch Diego Stone and Damien Stone fuck Allen Lucas and Max Wilde in “Save Me”

Watch Diego and Damien fuck Allen and Max in “Save Me”