Darin Silvers fucks Wesley Woods in “Robbing Dick’ part three from Men.com

The third part from the Men.com mini-series “Robbing Dick” brings together sexy hunks Darin Silvers and Wesley Woods.┬áThe latter one is still on the prowl and set his sights on Darin. Now what he wasn’t expecting was for Darin overpowering him and taking over and making him his bitch.

Wesley gets down on his knees to suck Darin’s juicy cock, before he gets his sweet ass fucked in various positions. Darin slams his dick into his ass and fucks him hard, till he’s ready to shoot his load, which lands right into Wesley’s eager mouth.

Watch Wesley Woods bottom for Darin Silvers in “Robbing Dick” part three

Watch Wesley Woods take Darin Silvers’ cock at Men.com