Cole Claire fucks Marcell Tykes’ bare ass in “Sunny Daze” from Helix Studios

The latest release from Helix Studios is called “Sunny Daze“. It’s an interracial bareback scene starring Cole Claire and Marcell Tykes. The smooth young guys waste no time and get right to business. Marcell gets on his knees to get at Cole’s throbbing cock which has been poking at him through his jeans. He works Claire’s cock, gobbling up every thick inch down to the balls and using his hand to add extra pleasure.

This kid sucks dick so good Cole even had to stop once because he was ready to bust right there! Cole returns the favor with some deep throat action before flipping Tykes over to get at that smooth ass. Marcell is a trained dancer so every inch of his beautiful body is cut and that ass is an absolute work of art! Cole goes at it full steam ahead, sexing up the boy’s booty with his wet tongue and way more than one finger.

Sunny Daze from Helix Studios

When Marcell’s ass nearly swallows Cole’s hand completely, he knows it’s time to lay some serious fuck on the kid. He spits on his hand, slaps it on his cock and shoves his dick all the way in with one hard thrust. Marcell can take a pounding and Cole crashes cock at full speed from the jump.

The cock cam catches the hard hammering action from underneath along with both boy’s righteously round rumps. Marcell responds by slamming his ass back at the young top… just as hard. Claire takes a seat on the couch leaving Marcell room to sit down on his hard hog. Marcell’s muscled brown back and butt ripple and flex as he fucks, bouncing on Cole’s big boner.

Claire wraps his arm around him while keeping his bone buried and flips the dancer onto his back. He then takes advantage of Marcell’s flexibility and gets the kid’s knees to his ears as he continues to fuck him. He eases up while adding some nipple play, causing Marcell torpedo to bust! Cole pulls out and shoots his load all over Marcell.

Watch Cole Claire fuck Marcell Tykes in “Sunny Daze” from Helix Studios

Watch Cole Claire bareback Marcell Tykes at Helix Studios