Cameron Parks fucks Ben Masters’ bare ass in “Happy Endings” from Helix Studios

Helix Studios has just released a hot bareback scene, called “Happy Endings“.┬áLove is in the air as Ben Masters and Cameron Parks explore a seaside lighthouse during the honeymoon phase of their relationship. They toss each others clothes off as they kiss passionately, as soon as they are back in their suite. The two young hunks swap blowjobs, before Cameron starts playing with Ben’s delicious ass.

Ben arches his back, while Cameron prepares his hole with his wet tongue and his long fingers. It doesn’t take long before he replaces his fingers with his hard dick. He slides his raw boner deep inside Ben’s eager hole. Ben gets his ass handed to him in a deliciously dirty doggy while looking back at it with his sensual fuck me face. Our top spins his boy around to see that gorgeous mug. He plants a kiss on those lusty lips then plants his piece firmly back where it belongs.

Happy Endings from Helix Studios

Ben’s cock is throbbing and looks like it’s about to explode. Drunk on dick, he takes his hand away because the thought of Cameron removing his thick cock is just too much to bear. Cameron ups the ante with some seriously sexy positioning with only Ben’s well worked out shoulders on the ground and that amazing ass in the air.┬áHe hammers his throbbing cock down into Ben’s booty while standing above him.

The deep dicking feels so good and Ben can’t help but jack his dick. The beautiful bottom boy busts right above his own face with an open mouth. Cameron soon follows and fills Ben’s gaped rear end. Caneron doesn’t let his hard work go to waste. He orders Ben not to move, as he starts playing with the salty good seed, pleasuring Ben’s cum soaked ass with his tongue and fingers before sharing the gooey goodness with his boy in a final kiss.

Watch Cameron Parks fuck Ben Masters’ bare ass in “Happy Endings”

Watch Cameron Parks fuck Ben Masters’s ass in “Happy Endings”