Brett Dylan bottoms for Sean Maygers in “A Night at the Entourage” part one

Falcon Studios has released the first scene from their latest movie, called “A Night at the Entourage“. For this opening scene, director Tony Dimarco has paired up Sean Maygers and Brett Dylan.  Sean is horny as hell at the bathhouse cruising guys who check out his bulging biceps as they pass by. Sean is being picky tonight as he waits for just the right guy to come along.

When Brett passes him in the hallway, Sean claims his prize and pulls Brett into a private playroom. Brett celebrates his luck by getting on his knees to service Sean’s extra large member. Brett is hungry for as much dick as he can get and opens up wide to get Sean all the way down his deep throat.

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When Sean is as hard as he can possibly be, he bends his new young stud over and eats his irresistible bubble butt to get it nice and loosened up. Sean can’t take the anticipation of getting inside Brett any longer and slides his fully erect cock deep into Brett’s eager ass. The two studs pant and moan as Sean keeps a steady pace giving Brett a hard pounding.

After stretching out Brett’s hole, the studs switch up their positions for maximum penetration and end with a grand finale, Brett bent over and Sean fucking him from behind. Sean drills down onto Brett’s g-spot with his throbbing hard-on and fucks the cum right out him. After giving all he can, Sean pulls out and sprays a massive load all over Brett’s hot and spent ass.

Watch Sean Maygers fuck Brett Dylan in “A Night at the Entourage” part one

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