Brad Powers fucks Tripp Townsend in a restaurant in “Dudes in Public” part 18

The latest release from Reality Dudes is another part from their ongoing “Dudes in Public” series. Bearded top Brad Powers has been paired up with Tripp Townsend and they enjoy a nice meal in an ordinary restaurant. It’s a hot scene that has been partially been filmed in POV style.

This restaurant is about to get a glowing review, but not because of the food or the service. When they don’t see many people around, Brad gets Tripp to make a quick meal out of his cock. Getting caught doesn’t break their stride for too long. They find themselves a more private place and when he’s good and ready Brad bends Tripp over to fuck that cute ass until they both blow huge loads!

Watch Brad Powers fuck Tripp Townsend in “Dudes in Public” part 18

Watch Brad Powers fuck Trip Townsend’s ass in a restaurant