Blake Hunter raw-fucks Johnny Riley in “Pool Side Lovers” from Next Door Studios

The guys from Next Door Studios have brought together Blake Hunter and Johnny Riley for a hot scene, called “Pool Side Lovers“. Playing by the pool and soaking up the sunshine is nice, but Johnny and Blake are looking for an activity that’s a little more hands on, so they get out of the water and get into each other.

First, Johnny shows Blake how adept he is with a cock in his mouth, then they move on to see how well he does with one in his ass. If you ask Blake, Johnny gets high marks in both areas, as Blake shoves his rock hard cock deep inside Johnny’s hole. Blake fucks him raw missionary before flipping Johnny over and stuffing him reverse cowboy style.

Johnny strokes his dick as Blake continues to pound, pushing him onto his hands and knees as Blake proceeds to fuck him doggy style. He pulls out and blasts Johnny’s back, then flips him over and sucks the nut out of him. Johnny gives him a massive facial as the sunlight begins to fade outside, with just enough time for one last post-coital splashdown.

Watch Blake Hunter raw-fuck Johnny Riley in “Pool Side Lovers”

Blake Hunter and Johnny Riley

Watch Blake Hunter fuck Johnny Riley at Next Door Studios