Aiden Garcia and Ben Masters flip-fuck in “First Time Flashback” from Helix Studios

In “First Time Flashback” from Helix Studios, sexy young hunks Aiden Garcia and Ben Masters re-enact Aiden’s first time with a guy. It’s a trip down memory lane for Aiden as he talks about his high school days and the hottie he used to have sex with.¬†Aiden leads us through the chase until he finally gets the courage to invite Mr. straight high school star over to his place.

To make this memory as real as possible, Ben Masters climbs through Aiden’s bedroom window.¬†Capturing the magic and intensity of a first time, the guys roll around the bed making out like a couple of horned up high schoolers tearing at one another’s clothes. Aiden grabs the guy’s growing groin through his jeans and realizes he’s in for an ass stretcher of a first time. But first… a lip smacking suckathon as he deep throats Ben’s meaty cock.

Aiden gives the guy a full down to the balls bone blowjob, then lets his boy know he needs a good fucking. Ben whips the kid’s pants off, spits on his hand, wets his cock and shoves it deep down to it’s beautiful base with the first thrust. Aiden’s dick is hard as Ben’s chiseled body flexes with every snake like slam. The kid is a fantastic top, kissing Aiden passionately and even jacking his jock for him as his smooth bubble butt bounces.

First Time Flashback

After seeing the pleasure a deep-dicking can cause, Ben decides he needs a ride on Aiden’s big rig. His bubble spreads, eating every inch Garcia grinds up inside. The guys change positions and we get a gorgeous close up of Garcia’s thick dick driving deep inside before we pan out to catch Ben’s money shot! His cock throbs as thick streams of cream spill out onto his shredded six pack. Aiden picks up the pumping pace until his Latin load explodes all over his first time guy, covering the kid in cum.

Afterwards Aiden gives us a wrap up and we learn that may not have been his guys first time since Aiden felt he really knew what he was doing! He shares some more details as the relationship kept going for a bit. It turns out the boy was a bit of a cum slut, eating Aiden’s hot latin load and wanting him to cum in his face! That is definitely a happy ending to this story.

Watch Aiden Garcia and Ben Masters flip-fuck at Helix Studios

Watch Aiden Garcia and Ben Masters flip-fuck at Helix Studios