Aaron Savvy plows Johnny V’s muscular ass in “Gear Play” part two from Hot House

Remember Ajay from Sean Cody? He appeared in some of their scenes in 2006 and 2007 and came back in 2013 to film two more scenes. The guys from Hot House have dragged his pretty ass back into the porn world. He has been paired up with fellow muscle hunk Johnny V in the second scene from their “Gear Play” movie.

He now uses the name Aaron Savvy, which is the same name he used to build his fitness brand. Aaron is a well-known celebrity fitness coach, magazine writer, fashion model, ultimate fighter and reality TV star. But back to the porn… a movie like Gear Play seems right up Aaron’s alley.

Beefy football players Johnny V and Aaron Savvy get more than a little practicing when Aaron tackles Johnny on the field. After rubbing crotches and locking lips, Johnny satisfies his curiosities by pulling down Aaron’s bulging jockstrap and getting a nice big stiff one down his throat. Johnny gets his face plowed as he coughs and gags with strings of spit that run down Aaron’s thick shaft and off his big tight sack.

With his dick hard and his mouth hungry, Aaron stands Johnny up to get a face fucking of his own. The faster Johnny plows his throat, the harder Aaron’s cock becomes and finally it’s all too much for Aaron to take. He bends Johnny over on the AstroTurf and crams his massive cock deep into Johnny’s round tight end. Aaron doesn’t hold back and pumps away like a jackhammer on the wide receiver as he works to achieve his goal of stretching Johnny’s seasoned ass.

After switching up positions a few times, Johnny hops on to ride Aaron to the end zone and is the first to bust his nut. His creamy load blasts all over the field and when Aaron sees the mess Johnny has made, he stands over his spent teammate and jacks his own ready-to-burst cock into Johnny’s hungry mouth. Johnny eagerly takes every last drop before the two lock in a final embrace to kiss the cum away.

Watch Aaron Savvy plow Johnny V’s ass in “Gear Play” part two

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