Zey Hardy fucks Leo Luckett in “Magic Stone” from Next Door Studios

For his second hardcore scene, Next Door Studios has paired Zey Hardy up with bottom boy Leo Luckett. The handsome hunk has got something Leo might be very interested in obtaining for himself, and once he reveals it, Leo is certainly interested in seeing what it does.

Leo checks out the precious “Magic Stone“, which Zey assures him will give the possessor the power to have anyone he or she wants. Leo is skeptical until he puts his hands on the stone and feels Zey’s hands on his shoulders. Looking up at him, he realizes that maybe the stone does have magical powers after all, as Zey stands up and begins to unzip his pants. Moments later, Leo is gagging on Zey’s hard cock.

When Zey slides his bareback cock deep inside his waiting hole, Leo becomes a converted believer in the stone’s powers. Zey pounds him from behind before letting Leo ride the dick to his heart’s content, and when Zey flips him over and fucks the cum out of him, Leo tells him he just made his sale. Zey smiles, knowing full well he’ll be seeing the stone and Leo soon enough again.

Watch Leo Luckett take Zey Hardy’s raw dick at Next Door Studios

Zey Hardy’s next scene will be released on the 2nd of February. He then fucks Jacob Peterson in “Sex in the Sister’s Room“. Here’s the hardcore video trailer for this upcoming scene.

Watch Zey Hardy raw-fuck Leo Luckett in “Magic Stone”