Taylor Reign fucks Sean Ford’s ass and mouth in “Postcards from LA” part four

For the fourth part from their “Postcards from LA” series, CockyBoys has paired up Taylor Reign and Sean Ford. In spite of this pent-up sexual tension the boys take things slowly. On the sofa they luxuriate in sensual kissing which leads to Taylor slipping off Sean’s pants and sucking him at length, with the same romantically inclined but sexual desire.

At one point Taylor rises up and without saying a word Sean takes out Taylor’s cock from his Speedo’s and gives him the same oral pleasure. Taylor ticks things up a notch by feeding his cock deeper into Sean’s mouth and throat, face-fucking him with Sean’s silent approval. Taylor kisses Sean again with increasingly aggressive passion before getting him to his knees, turning him around and burying his face in the recesses of cute ass.

Taylor’s fingers and tongue probe Sean’s tight hole an he can’t resist the temptation to nibble on his silky smooth mounds. Finally he simply must slide his cock into his tight hole. Taylor can’t contain his sexual desire for very long and he fucks Sean deeper, harder and faster, their bodies practically glued together. They change it up though with Sean riding Taylor’s cock and they move together with even more energetic passion.

Taylor switches it up again by picking up Sean, kissing him deeply and laying him back on the sofa to finish him off. It doesn’t take much time for Taylor to make Sean cum, whose thick load spurts out effortlessly. And as Sean milks his cock dry Taylor stands up and shoots his impressive load over Sean’s body. And just like that they resume kissing.

Watch Taylor Reign and Sean Ford in “Postcards from LA” part 4

Watch Taylor Reign fuck Sean Ford’s delicious ass at CockyBoys