Power bottom Liam Riley takes Sean Zevran’s big cock in “Postcards from LA” part 1

CockyBoys has released the first scene from a brand new series, called “Postcards from LA“. Hung top Sean Zevran and young power bottom Liam Riley spend time together enjoying the city on a warm winter’s day. Playful flirting and a sensual shower together leads to increasing sexual attraction that reaches critical mass.

As Sean lies in bed stroking his thick cock, Liam stands nearby, also hard and stroking and when he’s bent over with near-feverish intensity he mutters in a semi-hoarse whisper, ” Fuck…I want you so bad.” Sean gets up from the bed to make out with Liam. Sean takes charge, turning Liam around, pressing him against the wall and burying his mouth in the crack of Liam’s ass. Liam soon begs for Sean’s cock and Sean gives him every inch of his big dick.

He drives deep into Liam and soon they’re in sync, power top and power bottom each thrusting into one another, both in control. Moving back to the bed Liam and Sean make out again but Liam’ focus is on Sean’s cock. With his kisses Liam worships Sean’s muscular body on his way to sucking his cock relentlessly, enjoying it all. Soon, Liam is ready to ride Sean’s cock and he does, both forward and reverse with Sean driving even deeper inside his boy hole.

Sean takes control again, flipping Liam on his back to fuck him hard while he holds him by the throat. Immediately Sean hits Liam’s internal bulls-eye and the vocal bottom urges him to keep going until he shoots a huge load all over his abs. As Liam finishes, Sean has also hit the breaking point and as Liam requests he slides up and gives him large, creamy facial. They bask in the afterglow, sharing sexually satisfied giggles and a last sweet kiss.

Watch Liam Riley take Sean Zevran’s big cock in “Postcards from LA” part one

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