Joey Mills bangs Garrett Graves’ bare hole in “Close Encounters” from Helix Studios

Today’s release from Helix Studios brings together two sexy young guys; Joey Mills and Garrett Graves.¬†Joey is hungry for cock and use a hook up app not realizing that Garrett – the guy he’s been texting with – is right across the street. The two twinks wave at each other, get indoors and get down! After a smoldering make out session, Garrett gets down on his knees, pulls Joey’s cock out and sucks him off. Joey pulls at the back of Garret’s head, stuffing as much dick inside his mouth as possible.

Joey pulls off Garrett jeans gorging himself on the kid’s already rock hard rod. Joey keeps jacking jock while he goes underneath to suck on Garret’s gorgeously smooth balls. Joey is getting a bit more aggressive! He whips Garret around, pulls his sweet ass up in the air and into his face so he can really get in there! He spits and licks his work area and pushes some fingers inside. Joey’s big dick needs some more attention. He sits back and orders Garrett to take his dick!

Close Encounters from Helix Studios

Garret sits down on the thick cock, his own cock bouncing in time to Joey’s thrusts. Joey gives the gorgeous guy a raunchy reach around between passionate kisses. Reduced to his purest form, Garret can only muster out the words “fuck me” as he and Mills take turns jacking his beautiful bouncing boner. Joey stands up, all the while keeping himself plugged into Garret’s hole. Joey’s massive cum filled balls bang against his bottom’s booty while his dick continues to slam deep inside.

Garrett grabs his fully erect cock and announces the arrival of his hot load that squirts out, oozes sexily down the tasty top side of his schlong and continues slithering against his chiseled bod, caressing his finely cut six pack. Joey is enjoying the view and shows it by blasting a bionic nut bust all over Garrett’s balls. Graves wants to taste the last drop and sucks it out of Joey’s giant jock then goes in for a final kiss. The boys pass the creamy load in some very hot snowballing action.

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