Here is Icon Male’s “Brothers 3” with Hans Berlin, Kory Houston, Armond Rizzo and more

Earlier this week, Icon Male released the first scene from their latest movie “Brothers 3: Blood Brothers“. Let’s have a closer look at this brand new movie from director Nica Noelle. She has directed four hardcore duo’s, which will all be released in the coming weeks.

Sexy young jock Kory Houston has been secretly in love with his best friend (power bottom Armond Rizzo) for as long as he can remember. The only problem is, Armond is far more interested in older, hot daddies like German lover Hans Berlin. But still waters run deep, and Kory’s calm demeanor masks a simmering rage that’s ready to boil over and destroy the relationship he values most. Will Kory’s deceptive schemes finally win him the hot ass he craves?

The video trailers for the individual scenes can be found below. Here’s the trailer for the full movie:


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Scene 1: “Straight Boys Like It Hard” with Roman Todd and Armond Rizzo


Release date: 9th of January, 2018

Sexy power bottom Armond Rizzo loves straight bad boys like Roman Todd, and the hot Latin lover wastes no time filling his mouth with Roman’s rock hard cock. Roman forgets he’s straight as he’s overcome by lust for gorgeous stud Armond’s tight little hole, and fucks the bubble butt bottom until he explodes in a cum-drenched orgasm.


Scene 2: “Pretty Boy Hookup” with Kory Houston and Troy Accola


Release date: 23rd of January, 2018

Sulky stud Kory Houston gets fucked by pretty boy Troy Accola, and rides the stunning twink’s cock like a well-oiled rollercoaster. Watch in awe as these two hung teens suck each other’s hard cocks and end the ride with mutual, explosive orgasms.


Scene 3: “Daddy His Boy Toy” with Hans Berlin and Armond Rizzo


Release date: 6th of February, 2018

German Daddy Hans Berlin has the hots for muscular Latin boytoy Armond Rizzo, and pounds the pint-sized stud with his monster cock until the power bottom screams in pleasure. Hans takes his time sucking off Armond’s rock hard cock, and Armond returns the favor, burying his tongue in Hans’ big bubble butt. An explosive pairing that must be seen to be believed.


Scene 4: “Professor’s Twink Craving ” with Hans Berlin and Kory Houston


Release date: 13th of February, 2018

Devious hung twink Kory Houston seduces older man Hans Berlin by surprising the college professor with an impromptu blow job. The ethically-compromised Hans can’t resist a young, hung stud like Kory, and enthusiastically responds to the younger man’s sexy advances. Hans fucks Kory senseless on his big couch, and brings the hot teen to a huge orgasm before drenching the slender Kory with his own hot cum.



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