Fernando Del Rio gets fucked by Connor Halsted in “My Credit Sux” from Pride Studios

The latest release from Pride Studios is called “My Credit Sux” and brings together sexy hunks Fernando Del Rio and Connor Halsted. The sexy Connor comes to Fernando, who is his financial advisor, because he wants to buy a new car but his credit is bad.

Fernando looks up his credit information and informs him that his score is way too low and he would have to pay too much to finance a new car. He also informs him that he owes him money as well and needs to pay him. Connor has no money and seeing an opportunity Fernando seduces Connor and tells him he will forgive his debt if he fucks him. Fernando grinds his ass against Connor and then Connor pulls out Fernando’s cock and sucks him.

Fernando then sucks Connor on his knees. Connor rims Fernando bent over the desk getting his hairy hole nice and wet. Then Connor fucks Fernando over the desk doggy style first and then flips him on his back and fucks him until he shoots a thick creamy load all over his hairy stomach. Connor pulls out and shoots his cum all over Fernando. Fernando then tells him that he will buy him a car if he fucks him like that every week!

Watch Connor Halsted fuck Fernando Del Rio in “My Credit Sux”

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