Yoga buddies Elye Black and Alex Tanner fuck in “Manly Meditation” from Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios has released a hot bareback scene starring Alex Tanner and Elye Black. This is Elye’s first scene for Next Door Studios, but you might have seen him before at Active Duty or Dick Dorm or at Corbin Fisher (where he is called Dave).

With Alex guiding him through some relaxation breathing exercises, Elye feels his tension slipping away. Once Alex is assured that Elye is comfortable, he employs a more hands on approach, and Elye quivers with every touch. Alex tells Elye that touch is important for uniting their energy, but that a certain kind of touch can make them one.

Elye smiles as Alex runs his hands up and down Elye’s naked body, bending over to take his cock into his mouth. Elye suddenly understands what Alex means, and he’s definitely open to the possibilities as Alex carefully mounts his rock hard dick. Sliding all the way down the shaft, Alex slowly rides Elye before they pick up the pace.

Picking up both pace and intensity, their rhythmic breathing in sync as Elye feels himself ready to explode. He tries to hold out as Alex spits his load all over himself, and as he does, Elye pulls out and blasts his batch, coating Alex in jizz and sweat as the two of them slowly exhale together, happy and exalted.

Watch Elye Black raw-fuck Alex Tanner in “Manly Meditation”

Elye Black has two more scenes coming out at Next Door Studios before the end of the month. His second scene – called “The Better Half” – with big-dicked hunk Jason Richards will be released on the 26th of January. The other scene is called “Honeymoon Dumped” and will go live on the 31st of January. In this scene, Elye gets his ass fucked by Alex Grand.

Watch Alex Tanner and Elye Black fuck at Next Door Studios