Derick bends over for Frankie and bottoms for the very first time

It’s been a while since we have had a bottoming debut at Sean Cody. Derick is gonna change that. He has bee very curious about bottoming lately and wanted to know if he could try it out on camera. Well sure, we’d love to see guys giving up their virgin hole on camera.

Derick is a pretty big guy, so they had to find him a big top, too. The guys from Sean Cody came up with Frankie. Derick was thrilled, “I’ve heard he’s pretty rough around the edges, which I like!” Frankie was more than happy to pop his cherry, “I’m gonna give him the Frankie treatment… he’s gonna get it all.” What’s the Frankie treatment, you ask? Well, in his words it’s “bang, bang, bang, bang”.

Frankie’s cock is pretty big, but Derick does a great job taking that hard piece of meat. He does seem to be overwhelmed at times though. They fuck in several positions and deliver a very good scene. Derick cums twice and Frankie shoots four (!!) big loads. Great scene!

Watch Frankie fuck Derick’s virgin hole at Sean Cody

Watch Derick bottom for the very first time at Sean Cody