Asher Hawk is back at CockyBoys and flip-fucks with Levi Karter

After a year+ break, the sexy Asher Hawk is back at CockyBoys. He’s welcomed back by Levi Karter. Back in January 2015, the two of them did a hot flip-fuck scene together and in “REDUX” they are fucking each other again. The sexual attraction and the chemistry between them seems even stronger than before.

After making out. Asher quickly goes down on Levi’s cock and balls even before Levi gets his pants off and is insatiable. Barely taking a breath he turns Levi around and buries his face in his crack with the same unleashed fervor. Standing up with his steel rod at attention, Asher asks “You miss this dick?” and once Levi tells him he wants it bad, that’s all Asher needs to hear. Asher takes Levi from behind and very quickly it’s as though no time has passed since their last time together.

Asher happily takes control, pounding Levi deep and reaching around to stroke him at the same time. Soon Asher wants Levi to ride his cock which he does without hesitation and once again sexual pleasure comes through in their contented smiles. They’re so much in sync that they have a seamless transition from this reverse cowboy variation to a missionary-style pile-driver, seemingly on a fast track to the edge. Asher slows things up so Levi can suck and deep throat him with enthusiastic ease as leans against the sofa.

Now content to be serviced so expertly, Asher is now ready to be fucked. Asher lies back and just like that his legs are lifted up, his ass is rimmed, and Levi takes control to fuck him with unbound sexual energy. Just as excitedly happy to be topped hard, Asher lets go and soon Levi is pounding him towards to the extreme edge. It’s Levi who is now close so Asher slides down, open-mouthed and gets a huge surprise: Levi blasts a gusher for a massive facial.

Watch Asher Hawk flip-fuck with Levi Karter at CockyBoys


Watch Asher Hawk and Levi Karter flip-fuck at CockyBoys


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