Ty Thomas drills Tom Bentley’s bare ass in “Laundry Fluffer” from Next Door Studios

Today’s release from Next Door Studios is called “Laundry Fluffer” and brings together Ty Thomas and Tom Bentley. These sexy young jocks make a great pair. This is Tom’s very first scene for Next Door Studios, but you’ve probably seen him before in one of his previous scenes for Gay Room.

Emptying the washer, Tom Bentley sighs at his roommate’s inconsideration. Making his way to the bedroom, he finds Ty Thomas taking a nap with his fly open. Initially inclined to bitch at him, Tom’s focus suddenly shifts to fantasies about Ty, and he decides to act on them, quietly entering his room and exposing his sleeping hard on.

Tom leans over and begins to suck him gently as Ty stirs awake. Asking him what he’s doing, Tom is silent, but Ty figures there’s no harm, and so he comes out of his jeans and spreads his legs wide to give Tom easier access. Tom sucks him off like a champ and Ty decides to return the favor.

With both guys hard as a rock, Tom begs Ty to fuck him, so Ty wets his cock and plunges it deep into Tom’s waiting hole, fucking him all over the bed as Tom shoots his load and Ty follows suit, blasting Tom’s hole with his nut and staining the bed clothes… just another thing for Tom to wash.

Watch Ty Thomas fuck Tom Bentley’s bare ass at Next Door Studios

Watch Ty Thomas fuck Tom Bentley in “Laundry Fluffer”