Cute Helix Studios newcomer Travis Berkley flip-fucks with Landon Vega

In this Helix Studios release, sexy Latin twink Landon Vega does everything in his power to make newcomer Travis Berkley feel at home. The cute ex-Mormon boy made his debut with Next Door Studios a few weeks back (link). This pretty pair has cock stretching chemistry galore so the conversation before the bang is fiery, feisty pre-fuck fun about their fantasies, families and first time fucks!

Once Travis is in bed with the sexy Latin lover, the sultry smile that cums across his delicious dimpled face is fucktastic porn perfection. Pure juicy joy permeates the screen as he licks Landon’s lusciously large loin like a kid with a lollipop. Knowing this is one of the kid’s first times, Vega gives Travis’ big boner all he’s got. Gobbling his dick deep as Travis investigates Vega’s horny hole with his hands, and follows up with his tongue.

Travis Berkley for Helix Studios

After a thorough tongue lashing, Travis bangs Landon’s butt bareback with the hard plowing excitement only an ex religious cooped up, cock lover can! Our boy Travis knows if you’re gonna go for it, you better get the full treatment so he climbs atop Landon’s cock and rides that bareback bitch like a rodeo star! For a newbie, this kid’s got some skills. He slides off Vega’s schlong slick as hell, then heaves his hog back inside Landon’s beautiful bronze behind without missing one butt banging beat.

Unable to contain it any longer, Vega’s horse hung dick goes off like a geyser, spraying spunk high as hell. His spasming sphincter squeezes Travis’ bone and our new boy busts a big beautiful nut all over and inside Vega’s still twitching hole. He slaps his cock against the freshly fucked ass, plants a kiss on Landon’s lusty lips and asks “ready for round two?” You boys better brace yourself for big things from Travis!

Watch Landon Vega and Travis Berkley flip-fuck at Helix Studios

Watch Travis Berkley and Landon Vega fuck at Helix Studios