Hung newcomer Shane Cook fucks Joey Mills’ bare twink ass at Helix Studios

Hung newcomer Shane Cook is back at Helix Studios. Twink boy Cole Claire was the first to take his big juicy cock. Joey Mills is the next one to get fucked by Shane. Both Shane and Joey hail from St. Louis. Naturally the boys have a connection being from the same place but the connection is about to go even deeper.

Porn pro Joey probes Cook’s cocky conscience, talking everything from school, upbringing, and of course cock queries about public sex and the thrill of being caught. Revved up and rock hard from the delicious dirty talk, our boys are aching to get down to the bone. Shane seduces Mills with every masculine movement, he caresses every inch of the fantasy boy he’s been dreaming about, devouring Mills legendary monster with ease.

Shane Cook fucks Joey Mills

Joey goes down and his dick dreams cum true cause Cook is packin’ some colossal cock! Shane bastes his boy’s beautiful butt with a wet tonguing to prepare the teen dream for a demon of a deep bareback dicking. Joey’s jock hole eats every thick inch of Shane’s schlong like a hungry whore only wanting more. Cook drives Joey’s plump junk trunk every which way as Mills manhandles his own immense member.

Our hard as hell hunk’s huge hog is doing Joey’s tight end right causing his famous phallus to fire hose heaps of fuck juice onto his smooth twinky torso. Shane pulls out and shellacs Joey’s sphincter with his salty seed. Safe to say Shane’s fantasy fuck has been fulfilled, as is ours.

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