Scott Finn bottoms for Danny Gunn in “Open Relationships” part 3 from Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios has just released the third and final scene from their “Open Relationships” series. In the previous scene, Scott Finn had a threeway with a hot couple. This time, he is back to have sex with his ‘boyfriend’ Danny Gunn.

Coming home from his indoctrination into the world of open relationships, Scott Finn finds his boyfriend, Danny Gunn, sitting pensively on the back porch. Danny, having received a call from Mark Long, already knows that Scott has found out about his affair, but what Danny soon finds out is that Scott has taken it upon himself to dabble with infidelity himself, and suddenly has found new perspective on Danny’s actions.

He tells Danny he’s willing to share, and Danny tells him there’s time for that later, but that right now, he’d really like if they could focus on themselves. Scott smiles and tells Danny he needs to shower the sex off of him, but Danny tells him he’s actually turned on by the idea of Scott’s warm hole already being broken in. Scott tells Danny he’s gross, but Danny persists, taking Scott back to the bedroom to have his way with him, and hopefully, to see what new tricks Scott has learned along the way.

Watch Danny Gunn fuck Scott Finn in “Open Relationships” part 3

Watch Scott Finn bottom for Danny Gunn in the full-length video