Hung jock Nick Harper fucks Sean Costin’s tight ass at GayHoopla

The latest release from GayHoopla is a very hot and passionate scene, starring hung jock Nick Harper and muscle hunk Sean Costin. The guys are very much into each other and wanted to jump right into action. Especially Sean can’t wait to get Nick’s pants off. Nick yanks down his pants and his nearly-hard dick springs out. Sean was surprised to see just how big it was and went right down on it.

“My god, you’re so sexy,” Nick tells Sean as he gets his dick sucked. Sean’s dick is already hard as a rock and he stands up and asks “wanna suck my dick?” Nick’s on his knees in 3 seconds. Nick really likes Sean’s dick, that curve up and that big mushroom head, but then Sean gets up and turns around telling Nick to eat out his ass. The muscles on this man are incredible… Nick can’t get enough. Nick tells Sean he’s gonna fuck him. “How do you want it?” “Just bent over like this.”

Nick slides his dick up Sean’s hole slowly, getting his dick inside Sean’s muscular ass cheeks. Slowly at first, but it feels too good and he starts to ram Sean harder and harder. Seeing young men fuck like this… when they’re testing each other’s limits… the way they start to forget the camera is there and just go for it. Sean makes the best “I’m getting fucked in the ass” facial expressions. He’s pushed right to his limit with Nick’s dick. “Fuck, you’re so big.” But Sean is still hard as a rock while getting his hole pounded.

Sean is on his back when he finally hits that point we call “The Pleasure And Pain” moment when it hurts but he doesn’t want it to stop and his dick is throbbing hard. He finally can’t take the pressure and cums all over his belly while getting pounded. Nick keeps slamming his hole until he blows his own load all over Sean’s abs. Pulling out of Sean’s hole… you realize just how much dick Sean just took. It’s a lot. “Real big… opened up to new levels,” Sean laughs.

Watch Sean Costin take Nick Harper’s big cock at GayHoopla


Watch Nick Harper fuck Sean Costin’s tight ass at GayHoopla


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