Luke Wilder bangs Leo Frost in “First Time Flashback” from Helix Studios

In “First Time Flashback” from Helix Studios, sexy surfer jock Luke Wilder reenacts his first time having gay sex with cute twink boy Leo Frost. Both guys are fairly new, but they sure know how to perform. Muscled up surfer dude Luke is a prime cut of fresh new bisexual man meat on the scene. He’s just discovering he likes boys, twinks specifically.

Here, our muscled up young newbie spills his sexy secret about the first time a tasty college twink caught his eye and his cock! Wilder talks us through every delicious dirty detail as super twink Leo happily helps him reenact every exciting moment from Wilder’s first time with a guy! This sex soaked scene gives till it hurts in the best way. Be a fly on the wall with a front row seat as Wilder bangs boy butt for the very first time.

First Time Flashback

Pretty bottom boy Leo suggests a game of sex dice to kick the party into high gear. Luscious Luke’s dice roll lands perfectly on “lick” “butt,” which is exactly what he’d been hoping for. Wilder stuffs his hungry mouth deep in Frost’s phat, firm fanny, only coming up for air to stuff his condom free cock deep inside the twink’s tight ass! Luke is in lusty heaven as they reenact a fuck-tastic raw ride.

Our dirty blond bottom’s boner slaps against his top, smacking the surfer slut’s smooth, chiseled chest. Luke smiles, realizing that for the first time he’s getting exactly what he’s been craving. Frost’s phallus goes wild for Wilder’s cock, spreading seed everywhere like an unmanned firehose! Luke follows, splattering fuck boy Frost with sticky appreciation as we all relive this hot, raunchy first time fuck!

Watch Luke Wilder fuck Leo Frost’s bare boy hole in “First Time Flashback”


Watch Leo Frost take a raw pounding from Luke Wilder at Helix Studios


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