Jack Gunther takes Jack Andy’s big cock in “Jock Strap Lust” from Pride Studios

For their latest release – called “Jock Strap Lust” – the Pride Studios network has paired up two sexy Jacks; Jack Andy and Jack Gunther. It’s a hot and passionate shower scene.┬áJack Andy is in the shower area trying to decide which Jock Strap he wants to wear after his shower when Jack Gunther walks in.

Gunther asks why Andy always wears Jock Straps and liking the attention we see Jack Andy getting aroused in his jock. Jack Gunther moves closer and is soon on his knees sucking Jack Andy’s big cock. Jack Andy uses his jock strap to entice Gunther further by rubbing it on his face and cock. Jack Andy then bends Jack Gunther over and starts rimming his ass inside the shower bay.

He then fucks Jack Gunther hard and deep in several positions until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and shoots Jack Gunther’s entire hairy torso. He then grabs his Jock Strap, wipes off his cum and then puts it in Jack Gunther’s face before pulling him up and both take a shower.

Watch Jack Gunther take Jack Andy’s big cock at Pride Studios

Watch Jack Andy fuck Jack Gunther in “Jock Strap Lust” from Pride Studios