Icon Male releases first scene from their latest movie “The Stepfather 4”

Since Icon Male has just released the first scene from their latest full-length movie, now is probably a good time to take a little peak at what’s coming up. “The Stepfather 4” has been directed by Nica Noelle and contains four hardcore scenes.

Tony Dazzle has to go out of town, leaving Hans Berlin in charge of the house. When playing the role as a stepfather to Troy Accola, sexual tension and curiosity start to build, once Tony is out of the house. Hans finds himself being seduced by young stud Gabriel Alanzo.

Gabriel giving him the reassurance that he and Troy are in an open relationship. After a good night phone call with Tony, Hans comes face to face with a huge decision. He is being seduced by yet another young guy… only this time it’s his stepson. Is he willing to risk love for young temptation?

Here’s the movie trailer for “The Stepfather 4“:

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Scene 1: “Cum Before You Go” with Hans Berlin and Tony Dazzle

Release date: 5th of December 2017

Before Tony Dazzle goes out of town him and boyfriend Hans Berlin engage in the hottest goodbye sex! Full of cock sucking, ass pounding passion. They make sure they’re both exploding with cum, that will leave them satisfied for days.


Scene 2: “Steamy Studs” with Gabriel Alanzo and Troy Accola

Release date: 14th of December 2017

Gorgeous young studs Troy Accola and Gabriel Alanzo get nasty, when fucking each other. They love slamming assholes and sucking on each other’s cocks. There is nothing these two guys won’t do to keep each other cumming! This is a steamy scene you do not want to miss!


Scene 3: “Seducing Your Daddy” with Hans Berlin and Gabriel Alonzo

Release date: 21st of December 2017

Naughty Gabriel Alanzo is determined to seduce older daddy, Hans Berlin, convincing him it’s okay since him and Boyfriend Troy are in an opened relationship. It isn’t long before they are fucking each other hard in the wildest older younger fuckfest!


Scene 4: “Dare You Daddy” with Hans Berlin and Troy Accola

Release date: 4th of January 2018

Sexual tension is becoming overwhelming between Hans Berlin and his stepson Troy Accola once Troy finally makes a move they are instantly fucking each other senseless taking out all of the tension on each other’s bodies. Sucking and fucking each other till they’re bursting with cum! Clearly this is will be their little secret!


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