Icon Male releases first scene from their new “Boys of Summer” movie

The latest movie from Icon Male is called “Boys of Summer” and since they have added the first scene to their members area, now is probably a good time to have a look at this movie. Director Nica Noelle has created four hardcore scenes, starring porn stars Roman Todd, Max Sargent, Brendan Patrick, Armond Rizzo and Troy Accola.

Hot bad boy Roman Todd gets room and board in a beautiful house in exchange for “servicing” his older landlord Max Sargent. But, when Max goes away on a business trip Roman is free to have bearded lover Brendan Patrick over for some sexy summer fun. When they meet gorgeous teens Troy Accola and Armond Rizzo at the lake, the hot foursome start to bond – especially sensual hairy Brendan and power bottom Armond. Jealous twink Troy catches on to the sexual tension and tempers flare as romantic summer passions explode into lust-filled rage.

The trailers for the individual scenes are listed below. Here’s the full movie trailer:


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Scene 1: “My Irish Otter” with Brendan Patrick and Roman Todd


Release date: 19th of December, 2017

Sexy Irish otter Brendan Patrick loves to be fucked by his Boston bad boy Roman Todd. As Roman flips the slight, bearded bottom down on the bed, Brendan can only beg for the ecstasy Roman’s big straight-boy cock can provide. Whimpering and submissive, the horny Irishman is under Roman’s full control until both explode in cum-soaked orgasms.


Scene 2: “Rent is Due” with Roman Todd and Max Sargent


Release date: 28th of December, 2017

Sexy bad boy Roman Todd doesn’t want to pay his rent, so hung, older landlord Max Sargent works out another arrangement — namely, sucking his cock. Watch the young East Coast stud suck and rim the perverted older man, and then take his monster cock like a champ, resulting in explosive mutual orgasms.


Scene 3: “Bedding the Shy Guy” with Armond Rizzo and Brendan Patrick


Release date: 11th of January, 2018

Sexy, shy Brendan Patrick is desperate to feel desired, and predatory hottie Armond Rizzo moves in on his easy prey. Hairy, bearded, hard-body Brendan is no match for sex addict Armond, who seduces the older Irishman for an intense round of dick sucking, rimming, and explosive fucking.


Scene 4: “Pretty Little Liar” with Troy Accola and Armond Rizzo


Release date: 18th of January, 2018

Hot, Latin lover, Armond Rizzo bottoms from the top as he manipulates hard-jawed twink Troy Accola into believing more of his cheating lies. But, while Troy knows Armond is a snake, he still can’t resist the sculpted stud’s perfect little hole – and the mind-blowing orgasms only Armond can provide.


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