Freshmen Issue #61: Luca Carrera, Liam Efron, Benoit Ulliel, Andre Boleyn, Hugo Diorr & more

Freshmen has recently released Issue #61 and it’s a hot one… stuffed with hardcore bareback action and hung and gorgeous Euro hunks. This week we’re getting three hardcore scenes in stead of two. In the first scene, Benoit Ulliel barebacks Andre Boleyn. The sexy Liam Efron (who has decided to stop doing porn) bottoms for muscle jock Luca Carrera in the second scene. Newcomer Hugo Diorr bottoms for fellow newbie Justin Saradon in the third scene from this issue. is a new and exclusive bareback site from the guys behind BelAmi. Members get access to all the old “Kinky Angels” scenes as well as brand new video and photo content. The site updates every week with two condom-free hardcore scenes and a solo video or photo shoot.

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Benoit Ulliel barebacks Andre Boleyn

To start with, there are a couple things to tell you about Benoit Ulliel: First, he is a very accomplished and talented dancer. Secondly, he works very hard doing manual labour in a factory. If you like him, let us know so that he can offer him more work thus allowing him to focus more on dance and less on labour. As a change up to our usual training we have him starting out as the top, with Andre Boleyn as the lucky bottom. We keenly await your feedback.



Liam Efron bottoms for Lucas Carrera

Our second Freshmen this week is Luca Carrera. Unlike Benoit, Luca only has about a half-dozen scenes with us. You will see that it was a masterstroke to pair him with Liam Efron as both boys masterfully stroke each other as totally uninhibited, energetic lovers. There’s a chance Liam has finally met his match here. What do you think?



Newcomer Justin Saradon raw-fucks Hugo Diorr

While Adam and Andre constantly fight over the Freshmen, Kevin takes a different approach. Kevin takes his role as training coordinator very seriously. Here we see him deliberating as to who would be the best partner for newbie Hugo Boss. Finally, he settles on Justin. Justin’s face looks quite young, especially in photos. When you see his full body, it gives you a more accurate reflection of his 22 years.



Watch all three hardcore videos in Freshmen Issue #61


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