Muscle studs Buck Carter and Derek Jones fuck each other at GayHoopla

Today’s release from GayHoopla is a hot flip-fuck scene starring two very big guys; Buck Carter and Derek Jones. These two muscle studs became friends a while ago and now they take their friendship to a whole new level… by fucking each other, in front of the camera.

Buck is clearly turned on by Derek and Derek talks about how he likes Buck’s “All American look.” They can’t keep their hands off each other. The guys grope each other as their clothes come off. Right at the start of the action, Buck is just a touch nervous. He tries to hide it but you can see him giving the camera a bit of a look every so often. But once Derek is sucking him hard and fast, Buck forgets all about his ‘audience’ and just goes for it.

After a bit of hard face fucking, the guys switch places and Buck has his mouth on Derek’s stiff dick. We also get a shot of Buck’s “melon ass” that’s so solid and round and perfect that you’ll wanna jump into the action and fuck it yourself. Buck flips Derek over and buries his tongue in his hole.

Buck slams his dick into Derek’s ass like a battering ram. Derek can barely take it. Buck grunts and groans and pounds his way through this scene like a bull. His muscles flex and tighten as he fucks Derek’s hole. Derek’s dick throbs and leaks precum the whole time. Buck is right on the edge about to cum as he pounds Derek’s hole, whipping out his dick right at the last second to cum all over Derek’s ass.

The guys change positions and Derek buries his face in that big ass. The muscles in his butt are so solid, it’s amazing Derek is able to get those cheeks apart. Then, Derek slides his dick into Buck and spanks his ass while thrusting in and out. Buck is gripping the couch at first a bit, but once his hole opens up, he gets back into it and keeps telling Derek to fuck him harder. Derek fucks Buck like a beast, slamming in and out while Buck takes it all. Derek finally can’t take any more and whips his dick out and blows his own load all over Buck’s ass.

Watch Buck Carter and Derek Jones flip-fuck at GayHoopla

Watch muscle studs Buck Carter and Derek Jones fuck at GayHoopla