Blake Hunter fucks Allen Lucas in “Homeless & Hard Up” from Next Door Studios

The latest release from Next Door Studios is called “Homeless & Hard Up” and brings together hot young hunks Blake Hunter and Allen Lucas.¬†When Allen falls on hard times, he turns the to the only person he can think of to help: his ex Blake. Blake’s been doing well for himself, but the sight of Allen causes a rift between Blake and his current boyfriend, mainly because it’s clear Blake still has feelings for Allen.

When Allen confesses the same sentiment to Blake, all the old memories flood to Blake’s mind, and he feels a rekindling in his shorts. As Allen draws nearer to him, Blake grabs him and throws him onto the bed. They kiss passionately as Allen quickly gets Blake out of his clothes, sucking him off with a new hunger Blake has never seen from him. Allen flips around and Blake tongues his ass, getting it wet before sliding in his finger.

He moans as Blake works it in and out, finally bending him over and plunging his hungry cock deep into Allen’s hole. Blake fucks him with a sense of urgency, and Allen takes every inch willingly, riding Blake before rocking back onto his shoulders and letting Blake fuck the cum out of him. Blake pulls out and unleashes his pent up load, spurting all over Allen’s stomach before shoving it back in and going for round 2. It looks like Allen’s found himself a new home afterall.

Watch Blake Hunter fuck Allen Lucas in the full-length video

Watch Blake Hunter and Allen Lucas fuck in “Homeless & Hard Up”