Valentin Braun and Ken Summers suck and fuck each other at CockyBoys

The latest CockyBoys release is a hot flip-fuck scene starring young hunks Ken Summers and Valentin Braun. This is the first CockyBoys scene for both of them. While you’ve probably seen videos from Ken before (at Fuckermate, TimTales or to name a few), the name Valentin Braun might not ring a bell. He has quite some experience as an adult performer though.

This 27 year old German hunk is a professional dancer and theater performer, who decided to expand his horizon and step into the world of erotica. He has appeared in artistic short films from director Noel Alejandro. While taking things a bit further and step into mainstream gay porn, working with CockyBoys seems like an obvious continuation of his porn career.

Ken is eager to share his first scene and love for morning sex with Valentin. He wakes up hard in Valentin’s arms and slowly they exchange soft caresses and gentle kisses. These give way to Valentin fingering Ken and Ken teasing his joyful bed mate’s cock and sucking him deep. While still having fun they soon settle in for some seriously sensuous sex. Ken worships Valentin’s feet and returns to sucking him but they constantly return to kissing.

Valentin gives Ken’s cock some attention too and further excites the already lively lad by sucking his nipples. Then, after one big kiss Ken falls forward on the bed and lifts up his bubble butt. Valentin’s lips and tongue devour his smooth hole and soon after probing it with a two finger-probing, he finally fucks Ken whose face exudes pure sexual pleasure. Valentin fucks Ken deep and hard and yet it’s still with an element of joyful fun. In the midst of this Ken sweetly asks for his turn and Valentin agrees.

He lies back as Ken returns to savoring his cock and probing his hole and then Ken fucks him with authority, showing he has the goods as top and bottom. Ken flips him on all fours and eats him out again before plowing him deep. They both get close but switch it up once more with Ken riding and grinding on Valentin’s thrusting cock. Turning around with Valentin inside him, Ken jacks his load over Valentin’s chest and licks it up. And, with his dick still hard Ken fucks Valentin on his back until he shoots his load over his body.

Watch Valentin Braun and Ken Summers flip-fuck at CockyBoys

Watch Valentin Braun and Ken Summers flip-fuck at CockyBoys


Just a little teaser to show you what’s coming up at CockyBoys; Josh Moore and Allen King have filmed a light bdsm outdoor scene, which will be released shortly.

Josh Moore and Allen King for CockyBoys