Russel West bottoms for the second time at GayHoopla, gets fucked by Chad Norman

The big-dicked Russel West is back at GayHoopla and he’s going to bottom for the second time. Chad Norman is the guy to fuck his tight hole. The guys are really having a great time and laugh a lot. They talk about their favorite positions and how they like to get fucked (Russel likes it doggy style, Chad likes it standing up) and then they’re off.

Both these young men are long, ripped and chiseled. When Russel pulls off his pants, Chad let’s out a “Damn… that’s a horse cock”. There’s a lot of kissing and touching in this scene. They can’t keep their hands, lips and dicks off each other. Russel starts to suck Chad’s dick until he’s fully hard and his abs flex as his body tenses.

“HOLD ON” Chad shouts more than once… he’s too close to cumming already and the fun has only just begun. That’s when you know the guys are having a good time. “I don’t wanna cum yet, let me blow you instead,” he says, “that’s one of the best blowjobs I ever got, seriously”. Russel likes his blowjobs “Nice and sloppy.” Chad looks up “I don’t think I can go all the way down.” But he does try… Chad gets Russel’s legs up over his head to eat out his ass “That’s a tight ass,” he says.

Russel gets into his favorite doggie position and Chad slides his dick in. Chad’s muscles flex and tighten as he thrusts his dick into Russel’s butt. Chad really rails him and we get some really good angles showing Russel’s hole getting slammed. Chad gets Russel over on his back so we can see Chad’s dick pounding in while Russel works his “horse cock”.

Russel hits that “hurts so good moment” as he gets pushed to his limit. He doesn’t even try before he blows a big load all over himself and his body shudders and spasms in that “post cum” come-down. The action isn’t over. Chad’s still hard and wants to keep fucking. Then Chad tells him he wants Russel to suck him until he cums… right into Russel’s mouth. “Hands down, best blowjob I’ve ever had”.

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Watch Russel West take Chad Norman’s hard dick at GayHoopla


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