Men Network preview: here is what’s coming up in December

The end of the month is fast approaching, so let’s have a quick look at what’s coming up in December. Here are the upcoming scenes from the network. Quite some new series will start in the first half of the month and the studio kinks off with the second part of the porn parody series “Justice League“. Also, there are some fresh new faces, who make their debut in the coming weeks; Blake Hunter, Clark Campbell, Alex Fortin, Titus and Zeus Michaels.

[Update 12th of December] – New scenes up and till the 18th of December have been added to the below schedule.

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The Flasher – Bo Hendrixx & Tobias

Release date: 29th of November, 2017

Tobias is taken aback by Bo Hendrixx‘s mighty manhood and immediately fills himself up with his sweet seed.

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Just A Trim – Shawn Hardy & William Seed

Release date: 30th of November, 2017

William Seed brings his girlfriend to the salon for a trim and ends up having Shawn Hardy work on his own personal trimmed area more.

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Justice League (part 2) – Colby Keller & Francois Sagat

Release date: 1st of December, 2017

Aquaman (Francois Sagat) is summoned out of the ocean and he immediately hunts for the Green Lantern (Colby Keller) to find out what gay means. The Green Lantern decides it’s best to just show him.

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Pranksters (part 1) – William Seed & Paul Canon

Release date: 2nd of December, 2017

Paul Canon leads this new series on pranking unsuspecting hotties by pantsing them when he meets his match in William Seed. Paul gave it to him good, but William gives it back better.

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Seal Team Sex (part 1) – Michael Roman & Blake Hunter

Release date: 3rd of December, 2017

Michael Roman gets his ass fucked by Blake Hunter, who makes his debut.

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Skilled Tricks (part 1) – Paddy O’Brian & Theo Ford

Release date: 4th of December, 2017

Theo Ford takes Paddy O’Brian‘s thick cock in the first scene from this hot new series.

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Ass Controller (part 1) – Kit Cohen & Paul Canon

Release date: 5th of December, 2017

Paul’s boyfriend is out of town for a week and gets him an electronic butt plug so he can play with his juicy ass from afar. Things get hot at the wrong time when Paul interviews with Kit Cohen and the toy is unleashed.

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Welcome to the Building – Dustin Holloway & Ethan Chase

Release date: 6th of December, 2017

Hung young hunk Ethan Chase plows Dustin Holloway‘s hungry ass.

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Hide The Hooker – Myles Landon & Titus

Release date: 7th of December, 2017

Myles Landon hires Titus to fulfill his sexual appetite while his wife is away… or is she??

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Justice League (part 3) – Ryan Bones, Manuel Skye & Paul Canon

Release date: 8th of December, 2017

Robin (Paul Canon) gets Alfred (Manuel Skye) to hook up one more time before Batman (Ryan Bones) comes back and catches them. Batman catches Robin on his knees and decides the best way to deal with this; is to join in on the fun.

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Sorry Dad – Clark Campbell & Damien Stone

Release date: 9th of December, 2017

Clark Campbell’s dad won’t stop hovering over him and he takes to the showers for some alone time. However, Damien Stone is there rubbing his needy cock and Clark’s plans are foiled again.

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Seal Team Sex (part 2) – Diego Sans & Blake Hunter

Release date: 10th of December, 2017

Brazilian muscle top Diego Sans digs deep into Blake Hunter’s hole in the second scene from this hot series.

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Skilled Tricks (part 2) – Damien Crosse & Nicolas Brooks

Release date: 11th of December, 2017

Nicolas Brooks bottoms for horny fucker Damien Crosse in the second scene from the “Skilled Tricks” mini-series.

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Back Door – Alex Fortin & Mick Stallone

Release date: 12th of December, 2017

In his debut, the sexy Alex Fortin pumps Mick Stallone‘s ass full of meat.

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Pranksters (part 2) – Paul Canon & Thyle Knoxx

Release date: 13th of December, 2017

Paul Canon is at it again pranking as many men as he can find by walking up to them with a huge hard-on. Lucky for him, Thyle Knoxx is all but too happy to be pranked!

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Trust Issues (part 1) – Dante Colle & Zeus Michaels

Release date: 14th of December, 2017

Horny newcomer Zeus Michaels slams his hard dick deep inside Dante Colle‘s hungry ass.

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Justice League (part 4) – Brandon Cody, Colby Keller, Francois Sagat, Johnny Rapid & Ryan Bones

Release date: 15th of December, 2017

The superheroes rejoice when they discover Superman is alive! What better way to celebrate than by having a full-on orgy.

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Gaymates (part 1) – Cliff Jensen, Jay Austin & Paul Canon

Release date: 16th of December, 2017

Cliff Jensen and his girlfriend are looking for a new place to live. Lucky for them Paul Canon and Jay Austin have the perfect room. Even better for Cliff as he finds the common space has more to watch than what’s on TV.

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Seal Team Sex (part 3) – Roman Todd & Zeus Michaels

Release date: 17th of December, 2017

Zeus Michaels is in for a quick checkup with the doctor (Roman Todd). He gets aroused from all the touching and soon finds himself with a hard-on. Thankfully this doctor’s only concern is his patients’ well-being. A little suck and fuck is the perfect prescription.

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Skilled Tricks (part 3) – Francois Sagat & Dato Foland

Release date: 18th of December, 2017

Dato Foland is in for a haircut but gets way more than he expected. The men take turns sucking, licking and fucking each other to a perfect cumclusion.

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