releases Brodie Sinclair scene, members can’t be bothered network site Gods of Men has just released a scene starring Brodie Sinclair. This is his first scene since he left the porn business in 2011. Brodie (real name: Leif Derek Truitt) – who also worked as an escort – is quite a controversial guy to say the least. Many indignant porn fans have already raised their concern on Twitter (scroll to the bottom of this page) and have spoken out against the studio’s decision to give Brodie a podium.

In short, here’s what happened: In July 2015, Brodie was directly involved in the outing of David Geithner, the chief financial officer of Condé Nast (the company that owns famous magazine brands, such as Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and GQ). Brodie’s story was published in Gawker (and removed the next day, because of the public backlash). He is also known to be a homophobe, who believes that gays are sinners and will burn in hell. To top it all off, Brodie also believes in some of the wildest and craziest conspiracy theories, of which one is a bizarre theory about the mass shooting in the Pulse gay club in Orlando.

It makes you wonder why a gay porn studio (whilst owned by a straight company) would hire a guy with such a reputation. They have paired him up with Max Wilde, which makes at least one of these guys a God of Men. I must admit that I haven’t even watched the scene and judging by the low number of views, I guess most members can’t be bothered either. At the time of writing, the scene has received a 64% score, making it the second least popular scene of the year so far.

I always try to keep Queer Fever free from drama or non-porn related subjects, as this is a porn blog and that’s exactly what it should be about. It’s my job to show you what’s out there and what’s hot, new or interesting. I always try to keep my opinion to myself and be objective as possible, however in this particular case I felt I had to speak out and give you guys some background info

In case you’re still curious, here’s the video trailer

Watch Brodie Sinclair and Max Wilde fuck (if you’re still interested)

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