Justin Matthews gets fucked by Ollie in a hot outdoor scene from CockyBoys

CockyBoys has paired up two sexy jocks for a hot outdoor scene; Ollie and Justin Matthews. Both of them used to work for Sean Cody, however not at the same time. At Sean Cody, Justin used the name Taylor and he did 6 scenes from 2011 till 2013. Ollie worked for them from 2014 till 2016 and did 14 scenes. I must say, that both of the guys look way hotter now.

Ollie and Justin Matthews both know what they like and want simply go for it when they’re together. While playing on the beach they go under a man-made canopy of beach bramble to kiss and Justin goes right ahead and sucks him. Before long Justin spontaneously takes Ollie back to the beach house where he proclaims he wants more..and again starts sucking Ollie and licking his big balls.

Ollie is very vocally happy with the attention and tells Justin as much. He also is very direct in wanting Justin’s cock and goes right in to suck him in return.┬áJustin says he can’t wait until Ollie is inside him and so after sucking and licking Justin’s balls, Ollie gets right to it. He puts Justin on his back and just starts fucking. Justin has to calm the hard-driving Ollie just a little but he also gives his vocal approval to deep-ass fucking.

Justin’s moans excite Ollie all the more and it takes a little more restraint to keep from pushing them both over the edge.┬áJustin gets on all fours and Ollie slowly tongue his hole…but he plunges in again for more power-fucking. Soon Justin announces he’s getting close but this time it’s Ollie who insists on slowing it down. He tells Justin to ride him… the position he wanted to see him in from the start.

Justin finds his own momentum and his hole clenches Ollie’s thick cock. He grips his cock and strokes it and on his own verbal cue he delivers a gusher of cum over Ollie’s smooth muscled body. Ollie rubs it over himself and then jerks himself to shoot another layer on his skin. Now both calm and satisfied they go for what they want once again… to kiss.

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