Jordan Levine dominates bottom bitch Leo Luckett in “Raw Lock Up” part 1 from Bromo

Bareback studio Bromo has released the first scene from a new mini-series, called “Raw Lock Up”. In this opening scene, we’re seeing Leo Luckett as a sub, who submits to the dominant Jordan Levine and takes an aggressive raw pounding.

Jordan has had a hard day and he’s about to get even harder. Wanting to let off some steam, he knows exactly where to find a bottom bitch to punish. Leo waits ass-up, but does he know what exactly he is in for? Ready or not, he knows he deserves the raw ass pounding that Jordan unleashes… not before Jordan fucks his face, though. Hot loads fly in this steaming scene.

Watch Jordan Levine dominate Leo Luckett at Bromo

Watch Leo Luckett submit to Jordan Levine in “Raw Lock Up” part 1