Hans Berlin, Devin Franco & Billy Santoro fuck in “Gentlemen 21: Top Management”

Lucas Entertainment has today released the third scene from their “Gentlemen 21: Top Management” movie. It’s a bareback threesome starring Hans Berlin, Devin Franco and Billy Santoro – in which everyone gets his ass stuffed.

Billy and Hans are waiting for Devin’s final decision. Is he or is he not going to sign off on their final deal? Honestly, Devin couldn’t care less about the deal these guys are after. He just wants to strip them out of their suits so they can take turns banging him in the bare ass hole! That guys start sucking each other’s hard cocks first though.

Devin loves hunky gay guys who can pretend they are his daddy, and both Billy and Hans are more than happy to play along, especially when Devin is always eager to be a good little boy. Devin isn’t the only one giving up his ass. Hans and Billy’s holes are getting plowed as well. This bareback threeway has a pretty messy ending!

Watch Hans Berlin, Devin Franco and Billy Santoro in the full-length video

Watch Hans, Devin and Billy fuck in this bareback threesome