Doug Acre gets fucked by his mom’s boyfriend Nate Stetson in “The DILF Diaries” part 3

Gay porn mega site has today released a new scene from their “The DILF Diaries” mini-series. For the third and final part, the studio has paired up Doug Acre and Nate Stetson. The scene has been rewarded with a 93% score by the members. After a long day of soccer practice, a horny Doug Acre gets home and finds his mom’s boyfriend Nate.

With some encouragement, Nate convinces Doug to toss his balls around. The guys suck each other off in the shower, before Nate plants his hard cock inside Doug’s tight ass hole and fucks him from behind. The guys then take the action the bedroom, where Doug rides Nate’s daddy dick. Nate fucks the boy in missionary positions, before spraying his cum load over his stepson’s pretty face.

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