Cooper Dang takes Sean Zevran’s big cock in “Lust & Love in New Orleans” part 2

For the second scene from the Falcon Studios movie “Lust & Love in New Orleans“, directors duo Tony Dimarco and ChiChi LaRue has paired up Sean Zevran and Cooper Dang. It’s a hot and passionate scene that went live earlier today. Sean Zevran is taking some laps in his New Orleans pool when Cooper Dang offers up a glass of wine on the pool deck.

Sean has more than a glass of wine on his mind, and before either of the guys can have a sip, Sean has Cooper on his knees servicing his massive uncut dick. Cooper is good with his tongue and gets Sean throbbing hard and ready for more action. After fucking Cooper’s warm mouth with his massive member, Sean decides he needs a taste of the jock’s smooth, tight hole. A few licks are all it takes for Cooper to start begging Sean to slip his dick inside of him.

Cooper spreads his cheeks wide as the studs kiss passionately. Sean is ready to oblige Cooper all his needs and slips his dick deep inside the young stud to give him exactly what he wants. Sean is unrelenting and pumps a steady rhythm as Cooper moans out with every thrust that Sean doles out. Sean wants to feel Cooper from a deeper perspective and rolls him over onto his back.

Sean is as far inside the jock has he can possibly get and hits all the right spots to make Cooper leak a creamy load all over his perfectly toned body. Sean can no longer hold off and pulls out of Cooper to give him his own creamy release that leaves the panting stud wet, sticky, and extremely satisfied.

Watch Cooper Dang take Sean Zevran’s big cock at Falcon Studios


Watch Sean Zevran and Cooper Dang in “Love & Lust in New Orleans” part 2


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