Ryan Rose gives Skyy Knox a hard pounding in “Head Play” part one from Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios has just released the first scene from a brand new movie, called “Head Play“. The movie, which has a virtual reality theme, has been directed by Tony DiMarco and contains five hardcore scenes. The opening scene is a very hot outdoor scene starring big-dicked hunks Ryan Rose and Skyy Knox.

Ryan Rose is an adventurer in a virtual world seeking treasure and when he finds what he’s looking for and avoids a booby trap, he’s cornered by a crafty hunk with virtual superpowers, Skyy Knox. In the blink of an eye, Ryan is tied to a tree and before Skyy takes the coveted treasure, he decides to take a taste of the hunky specimen in front of him. He gets Ryan out of his pants to find a bulging set of tighty whitey briefs just waiting to be explored.

Skyy doesn’t waste a second getting Ryan’s beautiful cock into his wide-open mouth and gets on his knees to service the stud. After getting Ryan hard as a rock, Skyy offers up his back door for Ryan to enter. Ryan is still tied to the tree so Skyy does most of the work as he gets Ryan as deep inside of him as he can. As Skyy rides the big dick, Ryan works his way free and takes over as the dominant force to continue pumping Skyy. Ryan’s sexual prowess is like nothing Skyy has ever experienced before.

With Ryan still planted deep inside him, Skyy lets go and covers the ground with cum. Ryan sees the forest floor get drenched and decides to finish off on Skyy’s face. He pulls out of Skyy and carefully aims into his hungry mouth. Skyy shares his reward with Ryan as the two kiss to swap Ryan’s creamy love. Anything can happen in this world of intrigue and double-crossing, and when these two are vulnerable and naked in the woods, they learn their lesson the hard way.

Watch Ryan Rose fuck Skyy Knox in “Head Play” part one

Four more scenes from “Head Play” will be released in the coming weeks. Roman Todd fucks blond bottom Jay James in the second scene. Skyy Knox returns in the third scene and gets his ass fucked by JJ Knight. In the fourth scene, we’re seeing JJ Knight fucking Alex Chandler. The fifth scene is a bit of an extra; an oral scene starring JJ Knight and Alex Chandler, again.

Head Play from Falcon Studios

Watch Skyy Knox bottom for Ryan Rose in the full-length video