Montana returns to Sean Cody and fucks Rusty’s bare ass

Remember Montana? He did a hot solo scene for Sean Cody back in June. It took him four months, but he’s back for his very first hardcore scene. He has been paired up with Rusty, whom we haven’t seen in over a year! Montana was eased into the whole experience with a wrestling match outdoors.

Two buff guys rolling around shirtless, skin to skin, and muscles bulging sounds like a good time to me! Rusty reigned victorious, but Montana let it be known that he’d be triumphant in other ways, “Yeah well, what can I say? He’ll get it later, though!” It’s safe to say that everybody was a winner after cum was blown everywhere by both guys!

Watch Montana fuck Rusty’s bare ass at Sean Cody

Watch Rusty bottom for newcomer Montana at Sean Cody