Michael DelRay and Boomer Banks flip-fuck in “Just One Night” part four

CockyBoys has released the fourth scene from their “Just One Night” series. Boomer Banks heads home after a hot party but he isn’t ready to call it a night. Neither is Michael DelRay. They’re both on the prowl, crossing paths, exchanging lusty glances and drawing closer. After a few grazing gestures, Boomer takes Michael by the hand to a fire escape outside his building. There they make out and Boomer boldly sucks Michael’s cock before taking him up to the roof for some more oral fun.

At the highest roof level they kiss and gaze at the cityscape, but Boomer gets to the point with dead seriousness: “Do you want to stay here and watch the view or do you wanna go fuck?”¬†In Boomer’s bedroom they waste little time. Michael pushes a delighted Boomer to a chair and pulls off his pants to suck and slightly choke on his cock. An emboldened Michael turns Boomer around and aggressively rims him deeply, making Boomer beg for Michael to fill him up.

He takes control and fucks Boomer, his voice growing deeper the harder he fucks. Acting like this is his domain, Michael lies back and orders Boomer to ride his cock… which he does readily. They move together, their moans and grunts filling the air. But at one point Boomer sits up and tells Michael with quiet confidence that it’s his turn to fuck.¬†Barely changing positions Boomer plunges into Michael, making him moan louder with every deep, full thrust.

Boomer reclaims control and with relative ease he turns Michael around to fuck him against the headboard. As their bodies grind together they reach the point of no return. Michael sits on Boomer’s stomach and with his huge cock almost reaching Boomer’s face, he gushes cum in his beard and on his chest. With Michael’s face buried under his balls Boomer shoots his own huge load, his intense orgasm extended by Michael sucking his hard cock.

Watch Michael DelRay and Boomer Banks flip-fuck at CockyBoys

Watch Michael DelRay and Boomer Banks in “Just One Night” part 4