Micah Brandt takes Tex Davidson’s big dick in “Bad Cop 2” part 2 from Titan Men

Titan Men director Jasun Mark has paired up Tex Davidson and Micah Brandt for the second scene from “Bad Cop 2“. On a break, officer Dallas Steele strokes as he watches security cam footage of Micah Brandt on his knees, gagging as he worships the huge dick of fellow officer Tex Davidson.

Spit flies to the floor as Micah submits, his face fucked and dick whipped in a frenzy of gulps and grunts. Tex holds the sucker’s face to the root. “So big!” yells Micah as he catches his breath. “You’re gonna fucking kill me with that!” Tex sucks the jock back, choking on his cock.

Tex laps up the bottom’s smooth ass, then rams him from behind (“Go easy!”)—the bottom’s boner slamming up with each deep thrust. After he sits down on Tex’s monster, his ass swallowing it whole, Micah gets his butt tickled by the top’s pubes as Tex owns his hole (“Fuckin’ wreck me!”), the two soon squirting.

Watch Tex Davidson plow Micah Brandt’s hole at Titan Men

Watch Micah Brandt take Tex Davidson’s big dick at Titan Men


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