Jace Chambers fucks Jack Gunther in “My Boss has a Huge Cock!” from Pride Studios

Extra Big Dicks – one of the sites within the Pride Studios network – has released a new scene called “My Boss has a Huge Cock!“. In this video we’re seeing sexy redhead Jack Gunther take Jace Chambers‘ big cock. Jace is in his office and giving Jack a list of things he needs to do for the day. At first, Jack is writing everything down, but he gets distracted when he notices that Jace has a large bulge in his dress pants.

Jace notices his distraction and decides to take advantage of the situation. He stands, pulls out his cock and Jack is surprised at first when he sees how big it is. He does his best to take all of it down his throat as Jace starts to face fuck him bringing cock sucking tears to his eyes. After sucking, Jace takes Jacks clothes off and moves to his ass. Jace rims him deep with his tongue prepping him for his big cock.

Jace gives no mercy to Jack as he starts fucking him and drives his cock all the way in. Once Jack is used to it, Jace fucks him harder and deeper to the delight of Jack. For the final position, Jace clears off his desk and before fucking Jack he sucks his cock. Once he starts fucking him again it does not take long for Jack to shoot all over himself. Jace pulls out and shoots a massive load of cum all over Jack and he even sprays him in the face!

Watch Jace Chambers fuck Jack Gunther at Pride Studios

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