Chip Young and Topher Michels in a bareback flip-fuck scene from GuyBone

Today’s release from GuyBone is a hot bareback flip-fuck scene! Topher Michels and Chip Young got acquainted orally on the bed. Their tongues became best friends quickly and their hands roamed all sorts of places. Chip’s pants came off and his thick legs and stiff dick were intoxicating to look at. Same went for Topher’s chest when he pulled off his muscle shirt and gave it to Chip to sniff.

The guys make out and take turns sucking each other’s cocks. Next, Chip impales himself onto Topher’s hard dick and starts bouncing up and down. Chip returns the favor and drills Topher’s cock-hungry hole. Chip shoots his load inside Topher’s ass and then licks out his own cum. Chip shoves his cock back inside and fucks Topher’s hole a little more. He hits the right spot, cause it’s enough for Topher to blow his load.

Watch Chip Young and Topher Michels fuck each other at GuyBone

Watch Chip Young and Topher Michels flip-fuck at GuyBone