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The guy in Czech Hunter #321 is a little bit older than what we are used to, but that doesn’t make him less attractive. This bearded straight guy is actually very hot. He has a handsome face, a great body and a big uncut cock. He gets his ass bare ass fucked in exchange for some cash… great deal!

Today I pretended to be a headhunter for TV commercials. And it was a good idea. I caught attention of a tough guy with a nice hipster style. I told him that I needed a rough looking man and he would be ideal. He was even willing to take some nice pictures as a part of the casting process. Some of those pictures were a bit naughty but he didn’t mind it that much.

His body was simply incredible and so was his huge cock. I would pay anything to fuck a guy like that. I just wasn’t sure I brought enough money. I had to be careful and slowly get what I wanted. The boy was in bad financial situation but he was too good looking to whore himself out easily. But in the end, my patience was well rewarded. He even took me to his apartment- sex outdoors was too scary for him.

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Watch this bearded hottie take a big raw cock at Czech Hunter


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