Baptiste Garcia fucks Paul Delay and forces Doryann Marguet to watch them

Just in time for Halloween, French Twinks has today released the first part from “HotHell“. It’s a hot and horny horror series which starts with sexy and crazy podcasters Doryann Marguet and Paul Delay, who decide to shoot a sex tape in an abandoned hotel. Rumor has it that the hotel is haunted, ever since ventriloquist Baptiste Garcia was killed in a mysterious murder.

Aside from his scary puppet, photos of naked men were found on the crime scene, which suggests that the victim was gay. The boys don’t buy the urban legends, joke about it and then begin to film their sex tape. Doryann gets his dick out and Paul starts to suck him off.

It turns out, the ghost of Baptiste is real and has a high libido. Doryann finds himself naked, gagged and tied to a chair, while he witnesses Baptiste take over his role as a top. Paul is blindfolded and goes to town on Baptiste’s hard cock. The ghost licks and fingers Paul’s smooth hole and then fucks him good in various positions, before shooting his creamy load into Paul’s hungry mouth. Doryann has no choice to watch Paul getting used by Baptiste.

Watch Paul Delay getting fucked by Baptiste Garcia’s ghost


Watch Baptiste Garcia, Paul Delay & Doryann Marguet in “HotHell” part 1


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