Alex Chandler sucks the cum right out of JJ Knight’s big cock in “Head Play” part 5

Falcon Studios has released the fifth and final scene from their “Head Play” movie. Alex Chandler and JJ Knight – who fucked in the previous part – are back again and this time time, JJ Knight gets his big cock sucked by Alex. The latter one is in charge of testing a virtual reality game where the player needs to capture an object.

JJ Knight agrees to try it out and gets geared up with his headset and special gloves. As JJ enters the virtual world, Alex can’t help but to test the boundaries of what JJ is willing to do when he reaches out to feel the stud’s bulging crotch. Alex gingerly unzips JJ’s jeans and peels his thick dick out of his underwear. Alex can’t believe what he’s found and starts sucking the meaty trophy. Alex wants to make sure that JJ has the ultimate virtual experience and takes great care to get as much of JJ in his mouth as possible.

Alex is unrelenting and uses his hands along with his eager mouth to pleasure JJ and his massive curved dick. It’s so large that Alex can barely fit it in his mouth but that doesn’t stop the overachiever from continuing onward. As JJ’s moans get deeper, Alex peels JJ’s jeans down even further. Finally, Alex can’t take it any longer and pulls out his throbbing uncut erection.

He takes some time for himself and jacks his own rod as he continues to pleasure JJ. Wanting JJ to finish off in his mouth, Alex’s strokes get more frenzied and his slurping becomes more intense. His magic mouth does the trick and JJ explodes with ropes of extra thick and creamy cum. The taste lingers on Alex’s over-worked tongue and he lets loose all over JJ’s toned abs to mix the two studs’ DNA in one tasty pool.

Watch Alex Chandler suck the cum out of JJ Knight’s big cock

Watch Alex Chandler suck JJ Knight’s big cock at Falcon Studios